14 Types of Remote Data Entry Jobs Available Worldwide

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Working remotely recently is more popular. Employees can do their jobs at home with zero presence at the office. Remote data entry jobs are the vacancy that people try to work for since the jobs are quite easy for entry-level. Here are some data entry jobs for remote work.

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1. Verification specialist

The position will be responsible to identify the data patterns. They should be able to take some decisions accurately and timely. Sometimes, they have a meeting with the providers and recipients to initiate the payment and check the data available. This job is remote and virtual and the employees can work anywhere.

2. Customs trade coordinator

This position requires some skills related to documentation and submissions to customs. The coordinator should ensure that the compliance is on track and that the shipment documentation should be kept. They have to update the regulations about exporting and importing as well.

3. Survey interviewer

This job is easy but you have to build your communication better. The surveyor will interview multiple questions to the audience. Sometimes, they work by interviewing via phone calls. Companies usually train them with the standard operating procedure and script, so the answer will not be biased and keep neutral to the clients.

4. Students records coordinator

A student records coordinator will work for the school, yet this position is remote data entry jobs from home. They are responsible for the data entry as well as the verification. After joining the school, they should understand the system such as class rosters, grading, course, and education verification.

Part Time Remote Jobs

1. Phone and data entry specialist

This is a part-time and remote data entry jobs, but some companies need to hire local employees. A phone and data entry specialist should work to write a message from clients or teams. They should follow up on the phone calls and check their status. This position is essential for a fast-paced work environment.

2. Call center

Some companies need a call center that is available until a particular hour. They might have full-time one work in the morning, and the rest is by a part-timer. The call center’s jobs are responding to the operation via calls, providing accurate solutions for the customer, and answering the customers with understandable explanations.

3. Actuarial data entry

An actuarial data entry’s job is to prepare the files for the client. They should be able to manage files, communicate well with the clients, and understand the technical system. They should have organizational skills as well since they are working with different clients from time to time.

4. Billing Specialist

A billing specialist will handle and resolve the issues regarding payment, interruption notices, and missing bills. Companies will need this position since they are purchasing from time to time, internally and externally. This is a vertical job, but you can take it part-time and remotely.

5. Accounting Assistant

An accounting assistant should ensure that the payments and charges are applied accordingly. They can work in a lot of business models since accounting is an essential role in the business. Another job is meeting clients virtually to recover any issues regarding accounts.

Entry Level Remote Jobs

1. Inventory cycle counter

This is one of the remote data entry jobs for an entry-level. They are responsible for maintaining the record of inventories. They must count, track, record, and keep the inventory or product. This position needs people who can work in a fast-paced environment. Usually, this job is available in a warehouse.

2. Charity customer service

This position needs people who can engage with donors. Customer service for charity should be able to explain the information regarding the charity genuinely. They have to enjoy working in public, non-profit work, and events. General personal skills are important to reaching more donors.

3. Data entry clerk

A clerk for data entry doesn’t need special skills. Usually, some small companies in the US only seek school students or fresh graduates to be a clerk. The position will work to review and enter the customs documents. It’s easy to work as long as following the standard operational procedures.

4. Administrative assistant

An administrative assistant is a position that is available in every business model. Usually, they work with the sales team to create and deliver the administration with some technical system to increase sales. They have to generate new ideas to optimize the efficiency between teams or clients.

5. Customer service representative

This job needs some basic skills or data entry. For some companies, the employees should be able to learn about the specific system, the type of products, and the standard procedures. Customer service also has to maintain professional and polite manners during work time.

Those remote data entry jobs above are available from time to time. The data entry position is an essential role in every business. The level of work can be different according to the companies. However, these jobs offer a lot of time you can get at home and you work more freely.

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